Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Just Some This and That

Not much happening here on the streets of Milton. Oh, there was an auction for the Historical Society on Saturday. That was a good event with a party tent set up on a lot on Union Street. That was a fun time. The first couple of hours were devoted to snacks and drinks and the silent auction items. GREAT SILENT AUCTION items. Lots of historical books, pictures, antiques, items from local merchants, other gift bags. The live auction was also good with an antique tractor as the featured item. I took some pictures but with dwindling daylight they are not the best to offer up to you today.

It has cooled down enough to be comfortable outside. Today is windy and overcast but it is still pretty nice. The leaves are slowly starting to change with new trees dropping their follage already. The focus of the farm stands has moved from the delicious sweet corn that is here all summer to squash and winter vegetables and mums. Everywhere there are mums. I will be forced to come up with some this week.

Our friends Dave and Robin will be visiting later this week. It is always a good time when they come -- not raucus laughter but good, comfortable friends. We are looking forward to the visit and their tour of the local brewery (more to come in a couple of weeks).

Once again this past week I was reminded of how fragile life is when I learned of the death of a high school friend. He was lost his life in a motorcycle accident. We are not that old but there are fewer and fewer of us.

Then, on a happier note, one of my childhood friends is with her husband, her two dogs and her two cats on their first extended trip in their new RV. The wonder of the internet keeps her touch with the rest of the world. We have heard from them from Northern Idaho, the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia and now Lake Chelan in the Northern Cascades. They plan to be out for about six more weeks. Today I received an email asking to keep her up on the news since television and radio reception has been so intermittant. How fun is that? Note: She has internet but wants me to send the news. Must be the same as me. It is hard to read on the computer screen.

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Alexandra said...

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.