Sunday, September 30, 2007

Harvest Time

It is said that the harvest moon is the full moon nearest the autumnal equinox. This year it fell last week. I could not get a more defining photo, however, this shows how much light filled the sky. The moon was more orange but waning last night. I love the moon this time of year. There were times when I was teaching evening classes in Spokane that I would have to stop for a few moments because the moon just seemed to fill every inch of space in windows of the room. I haven't seen it as big here but it is bright enough to walk without a flashlight.

There are tons of other harvest things going on around here. Saturday we found beautiful mums. They grow mums by the thousands here. We now have four lovely plants brightening the front porch.

Then we went on a search for pumpkins. We found all manner of pumpkins, squash, gourds and other autumn produce. The corn is just about all done for the season as are the tomatoes but we are still finding both. I love going to farm stands. They are all so much alike yet unique in every way.

This collage is some of the sites over the past few days. They is corn all exhausted in the fields, soybeans too, wagons of mums and pumpkins, purple beans on the vine and other such discoveries. We'll have more on fall I am sure.

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