Saturday, September 22, 2007

Still Warm Enough for Dinner Outside

Here we are and it is now officially Autumn. It is quite warm here although it is cloudy and windy. Last night we had dinner at the local grill and enjoyed eating outside. Our friends Dave and Robin were here and that seemed liked to best way to cap of a very nice visit. So we sat outside and enjoyed the sunset on the pond.

I am so intrigued with this pond and what happens on it. There is always someone fishing. Last night there were a couple of boats until after dark. Every morning and afternoon there is someone fishing from one or both of bridges we cross during the day. There are turtles, cattails, lily pads, ducks, geese and, of course, the heron. The heron could be a she but because it is so solitary it is for me a he. The pond in winter is pretty clear and then in summer at our end it becomes filled with all matter of greenery. It looks down right stagnant to me but folks keep on fishing. As the nighttime temperatures start to drop the water starts to clear and then the water fowl begin to return. Which reminds me, I haven't seen turtles for a couple of weeks now.

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