Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Fine Celebration

Last Saturday we went to Arlington to join in the D.C./Virginia celebration for Alexandra receiving her Ph.D. There was also a celebration in mid-August in State College when the degree was awarded. As with most everything held at Anca's the food and company were extraordinary. There was beef, pork, ribs, fish, parjoale (I think -- Romanian meatball), roasted egg plant, roasted peppers (sweet and hot), taboli, vegetable cheese pie, more salads and then desert. We brought the beer. (There will be more on beer in a later post.)

The food was wonderful but more so was the company. This photo is of just some of the smiling faces. The next is of Anca looking over the scene of her guests.

It was a very warm late afternoon and evening. There was lots of cold drinks -- water, soda, juice and beer.

It was a lovely event for a wonderful young woman.

Alex and her beautiful daughter.

Erica and her goddaughter Kiki.


Alexandra said...

Thanks for the entry and the pics - I think they were the only ones taken at the party! And the beer was yummy!

John said...

We were really glad to see you guys at the party. Can't wait to hang out with you again!