Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Summer is Coming to an End

The days are growing shorter, the temperature is moderating, and yesterday I saw a few signs of leaves changing colors. The weather has been beautiful yet there are subtle changes like crisper, cooling breezes. Last week at the "concert in the park" the temperature and breezes were almost perfect. Those of us who love fall were really enjoying that night. We'll go to the park tonight for the last of the season's concerts and to help with the Milton Clipper Express. This is a very short video of the train last week. What fun the people have with the train!

In other happenings of the Labor Day weekend, Erica and Geoff came over from Virginia. Erica helped (mostly did) paint our bedroom. What a great thing to have done. She and Geoff spent some time at the Dewey Beach and were able to swim and enjoy some the end of summer activities there. Here are some photos taken at the Iguana Grill. We had lunch there before they went back home. It was fun because we were able to take the doggies with us.

Erica is checking on Frankie and Bentley who are enjoying a bucket of ice water.

Ice cubes are one of Bentley's favorite treats. Here he thinks that ice water might even be better.

Frankie and Bentley sharing the treat.

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John said...

Glad you guys had a great labor day weekend! Bentley's hat is absolutely perfect.