Friday, August 31, 2007

Again with the Email

It must seem that I am obsessed with email. Truly, I am not but I find some things that happen to be pretty amazing. There are days when I feel the world is huge and I am very insignificant in the scheme of nature and such. Then there are days when I am in wonder of how small the world is. Email is one of the vehicles that keep me wondering. Here are couple of examples that have entered my mailbox in the last few days:

  • I received an email which had a cartoon of "Michael Vick's Jury." It was as you can guess a jury of famous cartoon dogs. I thought about forwarding it but decided to wait. That was probably a good decision because I have since received four more of the same cartoon from friends across the country. The folks who sent these are very different. Besides being friends of mine and animal lovers, the commonality here is that each is or has been in an education profession. I find that quite interesting. I also believe that I will received the cartoon at least two more times within the next month when other folks return from vacation and others opt to forward.

  • Last night I opened an email from a childhood friend. I love getting hers because they are usually very humorous. I clicked the forward envelope and before I clicked on the very amusing attachment I was drawn to the forward trail by a name I recognized. So, I peered down the page and was amazed at the people (5+) whose identities I recognized. This was not like people I see or have seen in the last few years. This moment was seeing names of people I knew 45-50 years ago. The true irony of the moment was that the attachment was a humorous but sad political one. I had a great feeling that in the heart of uber Republican Idaho there are still some free thinking Democrats or a few least social liberals.

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Terry Grant said...

Yes, we have gotten the "Idaho" attachment from several people in the last few days, including from you. Besides being, as you said, a little sad, but also pretty darn funny, it was a reminder that Idaho is what we all have in common and when someone from Idaho makes the news (for good or bad reasons) it's a little reason to touch bases again!