Friday, August 17, 2007

Hazy August Sunset and a Belated Birthday Wish

We went to Rehoboth late yesterday and on our way home we seemed to follow the setting sun. It had been a hazy day and the weather watchers said we could have thunder and lightning later on in the evening. All making for this eerie sight. The photo shows the sky well but I could not capture the the intense orange of the sun. The weather guessers were right, we had a significant light and rumble show later last night.

And now to another August subject.

Happy Belated Birthday!! Carolyn!!

I knew there was something I was forgetting last weekend but that is not out of the ordinary since I no longer carry my Palm Pilot. Our friend, Carolyn celebrated a another birthday. Carolyn and her husband John have been friends of ours for a long time. She is blessed with a wonderful sense of humor, impeccable taste, devote faith, intense drive, deep family loyalty and love of travel. She always has maintained the most beautiful of homes while never mastering the use of hand tools (just the opposite of me). She is passionate about almost everything she does. Before she travels she studies and while gone she studies even more. This from a person with a lousy sense of direction. You might say the GPS was invented just for her.

This picture of Carolyn was taken December 20, 2000 in San Francisco. John and Carolyn joined Bill and me for our 25th wedding anniversary there. It was also a celebration of John's and my shared birthday. What a fun time that was like so many of the other celebrations we have shared. Yep, she is one of very few folks that comes in and leaves a wonderful lasting mark on your life.

Cheers!! Hope it was a wonderful day.

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Alexandra said...

That's a really neat picture of the sun. Completely hazy as August suns are. At least maybe you guys are getting some of the rain and cool weather that we have been experiencing...?