Friday, October 05, 2007

Warm Spell Continues

The leaves are turning, the fields are being cleared, the grass is getting browner and browner, the clouds are overhead, the wind is blowing and it is still very warm for this time of year. Besides which, the humidity is awful. I suppose it is because it is so sticky outside that I am stuck on the weather. Nothing like a good cold front to change ones mind.

I continue to be amazed by harvest bounty here. When I think of "harvest home" I think of the winter vegetables and fruit that are abundant in the stands here. When I think of "harvest time" I think of field workers and trucks clearing the fields of potatoes or the combines harvesting grain in fields of the Mountain West and the Pacific Northwest. Maybe I think like that because of what we are taught in school and the traditions that continue. And, of course, what surrounds us as we grow.

As is evident with this post, it has been a pretty slow week around here. I changed the background color of the blog to reflect my current harvest state of mind. Here are a couple of photos of our favorite farmer's stand. This one has a great arbor and like all sits very close the road.

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