Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bentley is 1

On a much happier note for us, yesterday Bentley turned one year old. For this special occasion we went to the local doggie cafe. However, because they were remodeling the kitchen he could not have his favorite lunch. Another time for that. Instead, we bought him a raincoat because his coat mats so when it gets wet. He is long enough and certainly heavy enough to wear a larger size. But, his legs are short, much like mine, and we had to opt for the smaller size. I think that this coat is only a "temporary." He also got a new squeaky toy and some special decorated treats.

Yep, we are pretty silly about this pooch. He is a whole lot of fun and frustration. Mostly, though, he brings us true unconditional love.

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Terry Grant said...

Happy Birthday Bentley! Woof.