Friday, October 19, 2007


Several posts back I said that there would be more on beer at a later date. That later date is today. As it turns out, today might just be the perfect day to tell about beer. So, Bill was tiring of retirement very early on in the process. I am not sure if it was because of the pushed forwardness of the retirement, he was not ready or that I was driving him crazy. I think it was some of all but mostly I was driving him crazy. Well, in early July he went to work again but in a whole new industry for him. And, for all who know him, it is just two miles from home -- no major commute! What industry you ask? Brewing. Yep, there is a wonderful craft brewery right here in Milton, Delaware.

He went to work for Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. If you look closely at the carton you can see the words "Off-Centered Ales for Off-Centered People." Perfect fit, right? Right!

Bill has never been a real beer drinker. When he would go out and was asked what he would like to drink he say, "Bring a beer." To which a server in frustration always responded, "We have yada, yada." He would answer, "Yada" until he found Alaskan Amber but would still mostly just ask for a beer. That is until he discovered Dogfish. He loves the beer and now that he is working there, he loves it even more. Do visit the website (linked above) for a fun look at the place.

Now, why was today the right day to talk about this beer? Well, let's look at this "off-centered" person Bill who now orders his drinks specifically like, "I'll have the 60 Minute" or "Make it the IPA." This morning was classic. He wore four shirts before he went to work. The first when he got up and took the dog outside was one from last night and went into the laundry hamper when he headed for the shower. The second one he put on after he showered. Then a little later he took Bentley for a walk. As they were walking past the neighbors house a sprinkler came on a got him full force -- shirt drenched. The third shirt ended up with a big splotch of something on it. The fourth shirt I hope will make it through the day.

Next he tried to check on the status of an insurance claim only to find out that the delay was because he used his full name one place and his shortened name has always been the one of record. Funny how things work that way.

The next occurence of the day he does not know about yet because it happened after he headed for his day at the brewery. Late yesterday I asked him to make sure the towels from the master bath were in the laundry. I was speaking of the towels I had left on the floor when I put clean ones in the bathroom. Fast forward to this morning. I have just completed a nice warm shower, reach for my towel and no towel to be seen. So, I put my skimpy nightshirt back on, grab my crutches and go to the other end of the house to retrieve a towel from the linen closet. I had to put on the nightshirt because I am sure the neighbors would not have appreciated a public display of my nakedness. I know I should have checked, but it is more fun to blame him.

He'll come home with a new case of his favorite ale tonight and all will be well.


Alexandra said...

So much fun to be back online and to be reconnected to what is going on with you. We are still enjoying the beer from the party (we have about six left). Thanks again (official thank yous are coming very soon!). Hope to see you at Erica's concert.

Anonymous said...

My American husband loves the craft brews from his homeland. We were introduced to Dogfish Head beer during our visit to the US for Christmas 2007 and it is his new fave. He is very jealous that your husband gets to hang out there all the time! (By the way, thanks for adding the Twelve by Twelve link to your sidebar. Be sure to look out for the "reveal" of our shelter-themed quilts on 1 October.)