Monday, October 08, 2007

My Own Little Idaho

Last night as I was folding clothes I watched the end of 60 Minutes. The story was about a man from the panhandle of Idaho. His name is Forrest Bird and it is an amazing story of his inventions and his activities. Aside from that was the beautiful scenery of the Lake Pend Oreille area. I was reminded of just how beautiful that part of northeastern Washington and northern Idaho is -- mountains, forests, rivers and lakes. Not too much later I was flipping through the channels trying to find something of interest to watch when I happened upon Napoleon Dynamite. I had heard so much about this movie but had never seen it. It is definitely a strange little flick.

What really caught my attention was where the movie was filmed. Preston, Idaho is just about as far south a you can get and still be in Idaho while Lake Pend Oreille is about as far north as you can get. Preston is in sagebrush country, but, is so much of the Idaho I love. The movie shows houses that I recognized both in reality and as very much the style of the area. There were doors like we had on our house where I grew up. There were green lawns but pretty short shrubs (short growing season). There were fields of grain and in the distance the mountains. This quirky little movie made me think of family and friends. It reminded me of where I am rooted.

Idaho with its many contrasts in beauty is a long way from Delaware. I have definitely branched out but my roots are still in those mountains. Those roots made for some pretty strong branches.

This is a picture of the Preston, Idaho area. I downloaded the picture from the the Internet. You can see the mountains I love in the background.

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Terry Grant said...

Some of the scenes in Napolean Dynamite were shot in Pocatello. I too thought the houses looked so familiar! I sure do agree with you about the mountains. People around here go on and on about the ocean, but I'll take the mountains any day.