Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sugar Maple

Driving from here north to Wilmington last Saturday we came upon this huge, beautiful tree. We have driven past it numerous times since it is not too far here. For some reason it has not stood out as much on our previous travels. It is possibly because it was not dressed as nicely as it was on Saturday and again on Monday when I had reason to go to Dover. The tree is a Sugar Maple. It stands on the edge of a newer subdivision called appropriately enough Sugar Maple Farms. I have better photos of the tree but this one shows the solitary strength and presence of this lone tree. When I look at the photos it is hard to believe that until now we had not noticed this beautiful specimen. Perhaps it is because we have always been speeding down the highway, being overwhelmed by the number of new subdivisions, or more probably not seeing the tree because of the forest. For whatever reason, we will always see this tree from now on when we pass it.

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Alexandra said...

What a beautiful tree. I love how it looks. We have a maple across the street that I was just observing this morning. Perhaps I should go out and take a pic of it as well!