Friday, February 22, 2008

Some This & That

A friend emailed about the last posting. She was pretty sure that the gold ring around the goose's neck was an identification band placed by wildlife officials. Since the photo was zoomed in on a much as possible for clarity I could not go further with detail. I was hoping that it was such a band and I am glad that that is probably what it is.

The eclipse of the moon came and went and we only saw it for seconds. It was cloudy so there were only brief glimpses. That was a bummer. Oh well, we awoke yesterday morning to snow. Not much but enough to account for the clouds of the previous evening.

Today it is cloudy, cold and a near freezing. It rains a little every few minutes but not enough to clear the ice from last night. The bright spot is that I saw the first ROBIN of the season. Can Spring be far behind?

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