Monday, February 18, 2008

Three Weather Fronts

The weather around here has been very strange of late. Just last week it was 63 degrees at 6:00 a.m. and just pouring rain. The temperature was nice but outside was not. Here is a picture of run-off from the rain at the corner of lot where we live. It was a rather fast moving stream.

Well, the sky cleared and the temperature dropped. Saturday and Sunday were gloriously clear but really on the chilly side. We decided to drive to Ocean City since we have not done that for awhile now. Each time we go down there I am reminded of what a zoo it must be on holiday weekends in the summer. There were definitely more people about than when we visited last winter. Of course, it was a holiday weekend. Here two photos show how bright it was outside but also have a cold feel to them.

Of course the critters on Wagamons were also enjoying the sunshine.

Today I awoke at 4:00 a.m. to 64 degrees and howling wind with driving rain. Whose to figure? On a venture out I came across a field filled with snow geese. They seem to be enjoying their winter here. There are times they fly over and the sky is white with hundreds of geese. The shadows they cast are eerie. I am working on trying to get some photos of a fly over. Today I did get some of them in the field. I was really intrigued by the darker guy in this flock and then I when I was downloading the pictures from the camera I noticed the white goose standing close by.

This picture shows that there is something interesting around the white goose's neck.

In this next picture you can see that it is possibly a can that he got his head in and if it was open at both ends then it slipped over his neck. If I zoom in closer the photo gets too fuzzy (one more reason to get a camera with a telephoto lens).

So much for the wierdness, here is a picture of the snow geese in the field. You can see that they are eating the grass down. This is a problem in the area for grain farmers.

Just before I was going to publish this post a lightning storm with tons of rain hit. I unplugged the computer and did not return until this morning. It is now bright and sunny and only 34 degrees.

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