Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Blossoms!! Finally, the colors of Spring are showing up. This blossom is outside at the corner of the house. There are little daffodils showing up enmasse in areas all around town. My bulbs, however, look like it will be a week or two before we see any color at all.

For some reason, I have had it my mind that Spring would arrive in Delaware earlier than other places I have lived. Maybe I thought this because we are so close to the Mason-Dixon line and "the south is just warmer." Whatever the reason, it really does not matter because the days are getting longer and the trees are reaching higher (or so it seems).

I think I will go out an see if I can coax my tulips to bloom.


Alexandra said...

Wow, you're getting buds already? We just have some crocuses blooming and a few tulips poking out with no color in sight. Maybe spring is coming north to south this year? ;-)

Terry Grant said...

We have daffodils and the daphne is blooming as well as some crocuses. I am hoping our tulips hold off just long enough to allow us to get our house on the market. The tulips out front will look so good to potential buyers!

Terry Grant said...

P.S. Gorgeous photo! You are so good.