Wednesday, March 05, 2008

In and Around Lower Delaware

I am sitting here at my computer listening the NPR and looking out and seeing a very mixed sky. That's what it has been for what seems to be weeks now -- two days beautiful but cold and maybe windy, two dark and cloudy but warm and really windy. Outside of a few robins there have been few signs of Spring. Oh, I have noticed that the branches of some trees are changing colors and that my tulips are pushing through the soil but no real feel of Spring yet. I have been on a couple of expeditions to find some potted blooming tulips but most nurseries are waiting until next week before putting them on sale. It is so they will be blooming on Easter. I just want their blooms now. Oh, well. I will try later.

In case the above photo doesn't give a clue, I really like to take pictures of critters. This guy was enjoying some sun on Sunday in Salisbury, MD. We went on a Sunday drive and ended up there. It was good to get out and see some different towns in the area. We have been to Salisbury a couple of times but we went a different way this time. It really is interesting that you can tell when growth happened in an area by the style of existing homes. Some places show very little change from the turn of the 20th century until now while other areas are dotted with with lots of 1940-50's post-war small houses and then other areas have lots of very rapidly constructed 60's style rectangles. And, of course, now there are McMansions in clusters almost everywhere in this area. I wonder what that will say about us in 20-30 years.

The Goshen United Methodist Church here in Milton like many churches now has a reader board outside. I enjoy what is on that board -- succinct translation of scripture. The one there now makes me feel really good. "The best antiques are old friends. Proverbs 27.10" That is for sure.

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