Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Little Spring

The first half of March and then some has certainly been like a lion around here. The wind continues to blow and when it is warmer outside it is also windy and rainy. When it is clear it is windy and cold. If you haven't noticed, I have really had "Spring Fever" this year. The official arrival is tomorrow but I wonder. There are signs here and there but surely not enough. So, I decided to bring a little Spring home.

We got this garden cart several years ago for our living room in Spokane. The room was not large enough for a formal sofa table but needed a little something so I set out to find a garden or tea cart. This is what came home and I love putting seasonal items on it.

Another corner of the breakfast room (where we eat all of the time).

More Spring color.

And, of course, we have to make requisite trips to the beach.

Frankie has been visiting and likes to hang out in the office. He is here until Easter and is missing Erica and Geoff.

We are all thinking that it is time to be outside.


Alexandra said...

What beautiful flowers. They are cheering ME up - I'll have to come back and look at them to remind myself that the cold rain and gray will pass soon enough.

Anonymous said...

All your hard work on Sunday really paid off. It looks great. Enjoy the flowers and the touch of Spring. They really are lovely. I'm ready for a bit of warmth too.