Friday, May 04, 2007

The Pets' Week

Enjoying the Sun

This week has been taken up with seeing to the needs of George Ann and Bentley. Early Monday Bentley had to go to the vet for neutering and his rabies shot. He seemed to be bothered little by the whole process and only slowed down a bit on Tuesday. He was pretty mellow on Wednesday but made up for it big time on Thursday. It was definitely a puppy day. He was into everything and anything and even acted up some at obedience training. He chased the cat at every chance he had.

George on the other hand has reverted back to some of her old habits like knocking things off of one of the nights stands or the dresser a couple of times during the night. This is to "ring our chimes" some. She hasn't done this for well over a year but must be feeling better because she has restarted with a vengeance. Despite two shots of insulin a day, gaining much needed weight and recovering some of her old personality, we found today that her blood sugar is still quite high although significantly improved. Now, we will increase the dosage of insulin and now will start to gradually add diabetic food to her diet.

So tonight we increase the insulin and mix a bit of the new food with the old for Georgie. Then its heart worm pill, flea and tick application and ear cleaning for Bentley. How fun is that? But, we love them anyway.

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