Friday, July 06, 2007

Fun with Camera

For the 4th of July we drove over to Arlington. On the way we stopped at one of the many vegetable stands that are along the roadside. We picked up some fresh corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and one of these beautiful geraniums for Erica. As we were just leaving I noticed around the geraniums a butterfly making the rounds.

That's her in the upper left of the first photo. It was fun trying to catch an image as she fluttered about and I was not particularly successful but did get a couple of good views that I could use. This next picture is a cropping a zooming of the previous one.

As she continued to flutter, I was able to get this shot. I think I will go look for more butterflies.


Terry Grant said...

You did very well! I tried to photograph butterflies in Ecuador, where there are some amazing species, and got scores of bad blurs and maybe one or two decent shots. They are hard to capture.

John said...

Great pictures! I like capturing birds, but even they are hard...