Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What I Really Hate of the East Coast

Pretty dramatic title, huh? Well, there are lots of things I haven't gotten used to yet like warm ocean water and high humidity and why some houses have cellars and others have basements and none have egress windows. As long as I am here I will never get used to the highest point in the state being less than 450 ft. But all of that is nothing when compared to the time difference between the east coast and the west coast. It's enough to turn a person into a regular screech owl.

In the past couple of weeks I have had occasion to contact offices in Seattle. The calls have been those I would usually make during the early part of the day. Is Seattle open for business at 9:00 am east coast time? Heck no!! It is only 6:00 am there. By the time it is reasonable to call there it lunchtime here and then other things have gotten in the way. Before I know it is dinnertime here and when I call Seattle I am put on hold and then forwarded to voice mail without a return.

I often think about calling friends or associates around 3:00 pm here. Geez, Louise! It's lunchtime there. I have always delighted in calling family and some friends early on Christmas morning. I mean before 7:00 am. With most of our family based in other times zones that favorite activity had to go by-the-by this past Christmas. I guess, I should act my age (why now?) and let it pass but this really ticks me off.

Oh well, off to other things.

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