Monday, July 02, 2007

Major Birthday X 4

At this place in time we are in the summer of the 30's. Thirty years ago last October my niece Melissa was born, 30 years ago last month my niece Robin was born, 30 years ago come early August my nephew Josh was born and 30 years ago come late August our daughter Erica was born. When these four entered our family my parents grandchildren count went from five to nine in short order. A tenth would come five years later.

Getting these four in the same place at the same time has not always been easy. In fact, when they were young they would never smile at the same time as is evident with this picture.

Melissa (arms always folded), Robin, Josh, Erica

This 4th of July family reunion is something the three year olds did not want interfering in their lives of play. This is one of the better early photos since all are not crying. There are some when they were babies with the girls crying and Josh sleeping.

It is unfortunate that we have not gotten them together more as the years have come and gone. The last time they were all together was at my my niece Wendy's wedding when the foursome were just finishing the 8th grade.

Josh, Melissa (check arms), Robin, Erica

In the time that has passed since then they have all become responsible, caring and good people. Melissa is the mother of three active children and is working to become a nurse. She has done very well with EMT training and loves helping folks in need. She and her family live in Malad, Idaho. Robin married last November. She is a banking manager in Denver. Josh continues his pursuit in auto sales in Tallahassee, Florida. He is the father of a beautiful daughter who enjoys playing golf with her parents. Erica is a senior consultant and works in the Washington, DC area. She and her husband enjoy travelling.

This is a pretty abbreviated post on the wonders of these four, but I wanted to let them know how special they are to all of us.

Happy 30th!!! Melissa, Robin, Joshua & Erica!!!


Alexandra said...

I love the pictures of Erica as a kid - can you put up more please?

John said...

Great pics. It looks like Erica is about to jump ship in the first one...

Anonymous said...

Hi Carla! I've been quietly enjoying your blog. Happy Birthday to the birthday girls and boys. Matt is turning 30 on Sunday - it's an epidemic.