Sunday, July 15, 2007

One of Those Days

For some reason today has been one of those days. Not a lazy day although it is very warm outside but one of those summer days that I can't decide whether it is a good day or not. I stepped back and stepped on the dog and that caused me to totally lose balance and fall on him. Poor puppy, he is limping around worse than me. I think he will be alright. We went to the beach and he was energetic enough but gimpy. He is moving around much better as the day progresses. The good from this is that maybe he will finally not stay so close to my feet. But, I think it is more than that that has me in the not so comfy range today.

This is one of those days that are firsts. You know, the first holiday, anniversary and stuff like that happens after you lose someone. Today is my mother's birthday. She would have been 82. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of her and wish she were still here to talk with me. This picture is one I believe was taken when she graduated from high school or shortly thereafter. I have said this in earlier posts but I think she was very attractive.

I have been working on a project of scanning old photos so that my sisters and brother and I can all have copies. Doing this has made it easier to deal with those feelings of loss. There are some great and not so great pictures of all of us. It has helped me deal with the discomfort and to cherish the love we all had for each other.

So, what are the fun things I remember about Mom. For one, she could be downright belligerent. She was uncompromising in so many ways. She was a very good neighbor and friend. She did not like baby girls dressed in dark colors. She abhorred tattoos on girls and women (good girls don't do that). She loved the water. Her language could put many a teamster to shame but she was lady. She was very much a Democrat but could say very nice things about some Republicans not named Bush. She always pushed us to be strong sometimes through tears but always with love. She said that it is fine to be different. She was too critical. She was not critical enough. She loved us all. She and Dad would always have what their grandchildren called "Max and Margaret fights" -- you know, sorta like Fibber Magee and Molly. She missed him so much after his death. She loved him very much.

Today's here and she would have delighted in having a steak and some birthday cake. She would have loved hearing from her four children and all their children. She would have been happy that another great grandchild has come into the family since November. I guess that all I can say now is that the day is not so uncomfy. Just doing this has let me remember the good times.

Happy Birthday, Mom. We will have a piece of cake for you.


Terry Grant said...

Well, you made me cry. I get so tired of hearing people trash their mothers. "My mother is driving me craaaazy!" What you and I wouldn't give to have our mothers drive us crazy just one more time, except we'd never say that. Your mother and mine were cut from similar cloth and came from that same great generation and they have left us with great memories, but also a great big hole in our lives. The firsts are hard--first birthday after they're gone, first mothers day, etc. Each year gets easier, but she will always be with you--and that's a good thing.

Take care--love, Terry

Alexandra said...

Its so nice to learn all these wonderful things about your family and your mom. I really like the idea of scanning in older pictures so that you have them digitized. That is on my list of projects to do - we did that with a couple of pictures of my grandfather when he passed away and sent the pictures to Romania. Everyone back home seemed to truly enjoy them.

Hugs to you on her birthday!