Thursday, December 13, 2007


There's an ad for the Maryland Lottery that must run 50-60 times a day. It goes something like this, "All time bad gifts -- nose hair trimmers. . ." So, now what am I supposed to do for a stocking stuffer for Bill? That was what I was going to get him and since that stupid ad just keeps running and running I got the nose hair mower (that's what I call it) as a "you really need it" item and gave it to him with the razor blades we picked up at the same time.

Now, I know that personal care items are not always the best gifts. But, I ask you to compare them with the "Chia Pet" for example. That is what I call a bad gift. Besides which a Chia Pet does not come with a fancy box or name like say Sharper Image. The question for me is what do I get for a stocking stuffer? A Chia Pet, the Clapper or refills for his electronic toothbrush.

Refills for the toothbrush are sound pretty good right now.

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Terry Grant said...

This made me laugh! I got Ray a nose hair trimmer a few years ago for his sock. Emily got one for Cayo last year. It's a GREAT stocking stuffer gift--a gift that keeps on giving. Who wants unattractive nose hairs distracting us as we gaze lovingly upon the precious faces of our special guys? Not me! I must add, however, that we always get new toothbrushes in our Christmas socks, along with silly things and things that are chosen simply because they are strange and the right size to fit in the sock. A Chia pet might qualify.