Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Time for the Season

With the arrival of these roses and a lovely bouquet of lilies and tulips, we can officially start Christmas holiday season at our house. The flowers arrived on Friday for my birthday. The roses are from Bill. He has given me roses on my birthday every year for 32 years. That is very special to me.

It seems that everyone decorates for the holidays earlier and earlier each year. But, tradition is strong and these are among some of our early season traditions. The Christmas tree does not go up until after my birthday. But, it is selected and reserved Thanksgiving weekend. Outside decorations start going up after Thanksgiving. Inside decorations are completed the week of December 10.

This year our tree went up on Sunday. There are a few finishing touches to be made (photos will follow). The rest of the inside decorations will also be completed today and tomorrow. We are a little anxious about some of the decorations this year since this is Bentley's first Christmas with us. He loves to play with almost anything within his reach. Already he has been caught taking a ball from the tree. This should be an adventure.

More of our holiday fun to come later in the week and next week.

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Alexandra said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! -John, Alexandra, and Kiki