Thursday, December 20, 2007


Well, we made it! Another year! Today is our anniversary. Bill and I have been married for 32 years. I know that it is often said that it seems like only yesterday that we were married. Well, that is mostly true except on those days when it feels like we have always been married. Through all these years Bill continues to be my friend, my companion and my lover. He is my sounding board and all too often he is my verbal punching bag. As we grow older we grow more comfortable together. Sure, there are those moments when there is pebble in the shoe but those are removed and we are comfortable once again. What a wonderful feeling know that there is someone in my life who is and continues to be the holder of the key to my heart. I love you Bill.

Any who follow this blog know that Bentley joined our family in March. He is such fun and frustration. He and Bill are great pals. This picture was taken last weekend when we went to D.C. for a concert of the band Erica plays in. (Since I do not like my picture taken there are no recent ones of me really worth printing.)

Today is also the birthday of my friend Kathleen. Just wanted to say, "Have a Great Day!" I sure miss you.

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