Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas 2008

I was so very late in getting all the details for Christmas completed this year. But, it came with very few snags and was a great holiday for us. Erica, Geoff and Frankie spent the long weekend with us and we enjoyed their being with us very much. Here are a few pictures as evidence of the excellent holiday.

The tree is all decorated and there are lots of presents beneath it.

Our trees do not have an angel on top but there is always an angel on the tree. This angel has adorned our trees or mantels for many years now. Erica made it, as I remember, while she was in pre-school.

It's Christmas Eve and everyone is ready.

Geoff, Erica, Bentley and Frankie opening presents on Christmas morning.

We always get up early on Christmas morning (5:00 a.m.). Here you can see that most of the presents have been opened and it is still dark outside.

A trip to the beach was in order. Here we have Erica, Geoff and the dogs enjoying the outing.

Bentley usually doesn't enjoy the beach that much, but he enjoys running with Erica.

Bentley love Erica especially when she plays with him.

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