Monday, December 22, 2008

All is Groovy

We got back from Arlington late yesterday afternoon. I spent the week with Erica, Geoff and baby Jacob. Bill and Bentley came back over on Friday evening. Bill and I spent our 33rd anniversary at Anca's holiday party. The party participants sang a wonderful rendition of the 59th Street Bridge Song in honor of our special day. That was the song played as the recessional for our wedding on a cold, foggy and snowy day in Boise, Idaho all those years ago. Thanks to all and especially Erica who requested Alexandra do it.

We are starting to get used to this grandparenting thing and look forward to more times with Jake as he grows and develops. Like her father who read the Wall Street Journal to her when she was a very tiny baby, I overheard Erica reading young Jacob The Economist one day last week. Goodness!! What's a grandmother to do?

All my Christmas activity was put on hold while I was away so today I will try to make more order of the place. In the meanttime, "Slow down, you move too fast..."

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