Tuesday, December 23, 2008

George Ann

George Ann Preston
March 15, 1993 -- December 23, 2008

Our black cat, George Ann, quietly passed away this morning. She was a member of this family for almost 16 years.

Georgie was born a in a barn near Frenchtown, Montana. I do not know how many siblings she had but do know that she had a brother Ike. George Ann was a very small black cat and Ike was a very large black cat. Georgie came home to live with Erica and Ike joined the family of one of Erica's dear friends. We adopted George not long after we lost a cat to a coyote. Thus, our goal was to make our newly acquired barn cat an indoor cat. That worked with some success. George loved to go out on the second story deck, jump to a gable and climb over the roof to the little roof over the front step where she would stay and cry until we would rescue her. She would look at us with a "Where have you been?" look and then run off to hide in a closet when we released her inside.

She hated change and our frequent moves always set her in a dither. She would assume her "chicken walk" and find a cupboard to take up residence until we found her. She loved living in Spokane where she was able to live as an indoor/outdoor kitty. She especially like going out in the summer sun. She also like to walk with Bill and our old dog Samantha on their walks.

Georgie did not like strangers coming to the house. When there was a knock at the door she was off like a flash not to be seen until the visitors were gone. She did, however, love Erica, my mother, Bill, Sammie, sometimes Bentley and me.

We will miss her jumping from the top of the refrigerator, crawling out of a cupboard, swatting the dog, knocking things off the dresser at night for attention, crying when she got her insulin shots, and snuggling on our laps for her special attention.

Rest well old friend. We loved you and will miss you.


Anonymous said...

We're so sorry to read about George. Hope that her passing went quietly and easily for her. She was definitely her own cat. Bentley must miss her too. Robin and Dave

Terry Grant said...

Rest in peace, George Ann. She was almost exactly the same age as our remaining cat, Grace. Grace has made the move out here much more "Grace"fully than I expected, but she is showing her age--walks slow and stiff and is spending much more time sleeping I notice.

Happy Anniversary. What an eventful month for the Prestons!

Alexandra said...

Oh I'm so sorry Carla! Wishing you all comfort.