Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Congratulations Coeur d'Alene

(Note: This post should have some wonderful photos but because of distance and you will understand circumstance it does not. Instead, please go to the links to appreciate what these young women accomplished.)

Every morning is started with the reading of the newspaper. Whereever we have been the paper of choice is usually the one that most likely captures the regional news. I could go on for sometime about the choices we have made when it comes to newspapers like choosing the Oregonian over the San Francisco Chronicle when we lived in Crescent City, CA but let's just say that we try get the best and most comprehensive view of the area. For our daily paper in Delaware we have chosen The News Journal. Now, with all of that said, you can only imagine my surprise this morning when glancing over the sports section I saw this headline: "Winning Tourney Easier than Trek for Idaho Team."

Reading the article I believe the difficulty in getting to the tournament especially in light of the vast amount of snow that has fallen on northern Idaho and eastern Washington this month. the article served the team well but I do not think the writer fully appreciated the situation given the short distance between Coeur d'Alene and Spokane. The fact that this team got out of the Inland Empire at all is significant let alone surviving the other airline snarls and then making it to the tournament just in time to play.

Congratulations to Coeur d'Alene High School Girls' Basketball Team for the Avon Cup Tournament win. This Delaware based Idaho native is very proud of your accomplishments in winning the tournament and making the journey.

I wish I had known this team was playing in a tournament so close to us. I would have made the effort to go and support them.

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