Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

We have been trying to follow the snow stories out of the Pacific Northwest through media and via friends and family. Except for our California family and friends, all of our west coast connections are enjoying a white Christmas. Not so for us in Delaware. So, I thought I would share our little bit white Christmas through my expanding snowman(woman) collection. Thanks to those who have added to it this year already. I truly appreciate it.

Whether your Christmas is white or not may it peaceful and warm. May you share the love of those around you both far and near. Know that we are wishing you the very best of the season and the year.

We offer our prayers for peace, love and understanding in this blessed season.

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Anonymous said...

I don't want to whine, Carla, but you might have had more mercy, particularly with that snowman.

Of course, now it's raining, sleeting, and icing (not on the cake) outside, so our white Christmas is fast turning into our ice Christmas.

And if I sound wobegone, well, we did trek through the rain to Safeway -- and thank our stars that Portland's busses (some of them) are running; we took a standing room only bus back home. In honor of the day, and in spite of the trek, I'm having champagne tormorrow. Sometimes you just have to be brave!!!

Merry Christmas. I have lots of snow photos you can have when you get too homesick.