Monday, December 29, 2008

Can It Be? Christmas has Come and Gone

Bent and Bill strolling the beach

Here it is December 29. It is 20 degrees cooler than yesterday, the sky is clearer and the wind is not blowing as hard. It reached 72 yesterday. It was off to the beach time for us and several hundred, I am sure, other water loving souls. We went to a beach we have not been to since we moved here. It is one of the nicer areas in Cape Henlopen State Park. Herring Beach appears to be the beach where surfers congregate if yesterday is any indication. It also has distinctive rock out-croppings that make for more a secluded feeling of the area. It is very difficult for me to get down to the beaches here because the sand at the accesses and to the shoreline is so deep. That was a problem at this beach also but because of the great overlook I was able to enjoy the wind and the view without the sand. Bill and Bentley got in their requisite time walking the beach. I think we will return to this beach soon because I want to spend more time exploring some of the history, flora and fauna.

"T'was the night..."

Our Christmas was a very quiet affair. Bill and I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day opening gifts and talking with family and friends on the telephone. The most special time was when Erica called on Christmas Eve and read The Night Before Christmas to her Dad and baby Jacob. Bill read Erica the poem every year from her first Christmas (she was four months old) until she started reading it to him sometime between the time she was 8-10. That has continued each year since and even the years when she is away she telephones and reads through the wires. Now Jacob is part of the tradition. I do not know about Erica but I do know that Bill probably looks forward to that moment more than any at Christmastime.

Our decorating frenzy this year was quite subdued when compared to other years. I think that was wise. The tree held all of the eclectic ornaments collected through the years and has been a comfort to have in this season. It will be up for a few more days and then all the ornaments and other decor will be carefully stored away for another year. Getting them all out and up and then down and stored is a whole lot like opening an old family album, full of precious memories to share and recapture year after year.

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Alexandra said...

That is a lovely, lovely tradition. We've started reading that book too on the night before Christmas. I wonder if it will continue once Katrina grows up!