Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Blog Anniversary

Today I have been blogging for one year. I started with trepidation and sometimes still I wonder if I should be doing this. However, I started to see if I could get into the habit of some "journaling" and to share my thoughts on dealing with the worsening condition and finally death of my mother. Getting started and coming back were difficult for me. However, when I realized that this was a way I could share with friends and family it became much easier.

This blog has chronicled some of my deepest thoughts of my family and friends. Mostly, though, it has been a vehicle to share our journey in place and time. This past year, as my sister said, "We became orphans." I turned 60 but I still want to hold on to my state of 59. We moved from the Pacific Northwest to the Mid Atlantic Region. We got a new dog. We missed our friends and family. We are closer to other family and friends. We are finally beginning to settle.

My blog has renewed my interest and joy of using a camera. I am lusting after a new one but "time will tell." Digital photography is so instant and now I am being challenged as to how to save and categorize. The blog has forced me to download the pictures from the camera two or three times a week -- no more putting a roll of film aside for who knows how long. I enjoy showing some of the pictures of our trips and adventures.

This blog is as my friend Terry says, "somewhat under the radar." But, I know there are quite a few folks who check it out several times a week. I often wish there would be more comments but because this is not a central theme type of blog, that's OK. Anyway, like email, this blog has been a fun way to stay in touch. And, it has taught me more about myself.


John said...

woo! first post :)

I have been having fun reading your blog this past year, congratulations!

It seems at every point in our lives, everything is in flux, but having some time to reflect is pretty useful.

Will try to comment more...

Alexandra said...

Darn husband, beating me to the punch! ;) Congratulations on your first year of blog-awesomeness. I love the fact that you have a blog and I really enjoy reading about all of your trips and experiences and Erica/Geoff silliness (although I already know a lot about that!). Here's to another wonderful year of blogging!