Tuesday, June 19, 2007

pRoof ReaDing or NOT

There was reason for me to look at my last blog. Once again I found myself shaking my head and wondering how I could miss such mistakes. My dad had Four not five sisters between him and his older brother. So, I edited that and then I saw a couple of other dumb editing mistakes. I was really ticked off that I had missed those when I first edited and then posted.

This all made me wonder why these perfectly well trained hands, eyes and brain cannot put it all together at the same time. Is it that the brain is faster than the hands? Or, is it that the eye and brain coordinate and read only some of the words? You know, they say that the trained mind does, in fact, read only part of the sentence. I do so much at the computer that I rarely hand write anything. I believe that that has contributed to my proofreading becoming weaker over the years. I can't focus as closely to words on the screen as I do to those on a piece of paper. Or, so I think.

With "Spell Check" I don't have to remember "i before e..." but I still have to remember when to use "were" or "was" and not include both at the same time. The trick for me is to catch it when I err. But, alas, I fear there is little hope for me.


Terry Grant said...

Ah, but even the best proof reader cannot proof his own writing. You know what you meant to say and that is what you read whether that is what you wrote or not! I find that some days I can't get through a single sentence without a typo. You don't suppose we're getting old do you?

Carla said...

Old? Me? Never!!! Well, at least not this morning.