Monday, June 11, 2007

Summer Silliness

Erica, if she has never been anything else, has been silly. She and Geoff together are frequently very silly together. Add to that just one friend and then you wonder "What were they thinking?" This is especially true when considering that they are bright, extremely hardworking adults. Case in point: They and another friend think that their friend Mike should have a tattoo. The tattoo should reflect on his famous wings. So, a trip to the Miltonian Pizzeria and Wing House was in order for Mike to sample their wings and for Erica and Geoff to get him a gift of a new shirt. Their suggestion for the tattoo -- the logo for the Miltonian.

The request from them was to put Mike's picture on my blog for all of their other friends and family to see. So, I have succumbed to the silliness.

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