Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Commencement Bay

When I look out of the windows of our apartment I am constantly reminded of just how beautiful the Puget Sound is. Right where we are we see lots of cargo traffic since we are very close to the Port of Tacoma. When I see the ever changing color of the water I forget about the ugly rooftops.

Besides all of the normal reasons why the water color differs, the changes right here are multiplied by the changing tides and the mix of salt water and fresh water. The fresh water here is from the Puyallup River. The river originates in a glacier area of Mt. Rainer and what we see sometimes are bands of the glacial water meeting the salt water. It is mesmerizing looking at the water and this is the first place I have been that I like to watch not for action but for subtle change.

The view of the Sound is one of the things that have made this experiment in city and apartment living acceptable. We have decided that normal apartment life is not for us. It is not that it is bad or anything like that. It is that we miss having even a small yard. We also have rediscovered just how much space we each require. So, the search will be to find more spacious quarters for us to settle into when we settle east.

Yes, the stay has been much more pleasant with view of Commencement Bay here in the South Sound.

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