Friday, October 06, 2006

Happy Birthday, Debra!!!

Today, it's October 7th somewhere, is my friend Debra's birthday. She like my friend Robin is a bit of a kindred spirit. But, that is where it ends for Debra is the antithesis of me. She is probably the most outrageous (I mean this in a very good way) woman I know. She wears flashy clothes and more flashy shoes. She is out to style. Debra is the only person I know who has "shoe condos" in her walk-in closet because she has so many shoes. In fact, she has to change them out with the seasons. That is her visible self. On the invisible self, she is conservative and I am liberal -- go figure. She is meticulous, I am a bit of slob.

This flashy woman is one of the most genuine people I have had the fortune to meet in my life. She is funny, very funny. She is happy. She respects life. She lives each day with an enthusiasm that we should all embrace. Her smile, wit and caring helped me through some pretty hard days. I miss talking with her on a regular basis since I left Spokane. She is truly one of those gems I treasure.

Happy, Happy Birthday Debra!!

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