Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Curious. Yes, that's what it is....

The process of "stuff" consolidation lends itself to some strange findings. Monday, while going through some old papers and cards I came across this. It is a full copy of the December 13, 1975 The Idaho Statesman. I am still scratching my head as to why this was kept amongst some of our treasures.

Bill likes to keep newspapers that were published on the days that are particularly special to us. For instance, we have copies of two newspapers published on the day of our daughter's birth. That, I understand. I do not understand December 13, 1975.

I spent a few minutes going through the paper to see if there were any clues to be had. I had Bill go completely through it and he could not come up with anything. His thought on what we should do was this, "We have saved it for almost 31 years now so we might as well see if it will be with us for another 20." Maybe he is secretly trying to preserve the last weekend of his bachelorhood because this was published one weekend before our wedding.

I am going to go through the paper one more time and see if there is something buried in it. I am quite sure there is not but, "Who knows?" Then I am going to delegate it to the newspaper recycle pile. It is a memoir we do not need to continue to carry with us. At least I think so.

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