Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It's Going to Happen

My husband Bill and I have been saying for sometime now that we will be leaving the Pacific Northwest and heading east. We had originally thought that the time would be in the early Spring of 2007. Those plans have been pushed aside and the time schedule moved up to mid to late Fall 2006. There are, however, two major decisions to be made: 1) Where? and 2) When? I hate this indecision but it is better than it was in the late summer.

Bill and I are both westerners. This move is going to be a major life changing event. Not only will we both be retired but we will be outside of our surrounding comfort areas. Bill was born in Bellingham, WA and I in Hailey, ID. He has always had an infinity to the water and loves the Puget Sound. I, on the other hand, have always been drawn to the mountains and with Mt Rainier in the background, the Puget Sound has been a great compromise for us. Yet, because of Bill's work we have moved several times and are not afraid of new challenges -- just a little scared.

How far east are going? Well, it is farther east than Idaho and maybe farther than Arlington, VA where our daughter lives. The primary votes have been cast and our choices are either Jefferson County, West Virginia or the Lewes, Delaware area. Why those two you ask? There are mountains (more like hills to me) in West Virginia and water in Delaware. At this moment the water in Delaware is leading. That all will be decided for sure in a couple of weeks when I travel out to make my decision. Bill will have to trust me on this but with digital cameras and email these days he can see almost instantly what I will be considering. The actual move will take sometime in November.

We are really getting excited about this. We are excited about the history, the opportunities to do more things like take classes not linked to work or quiet walks in the mid-morning or making plans to do something special without a particular need to have it be on a weekend. We will be closer to some old friends. That will be nice. Most of all, we will be closer to Erica and Geoff.

More on this later, it is time for another cup of coffee and serious "stuff" consolidation.


John said...

Whee - you'll be moving closer which means that we'll be able to see you more often and you'll finally be able to meet weebeastie! I know that it is a big move, but it sounds like you both have wonderful plans for exciting new adventures to embark on.

Anonymous said...

Ack! So soon?! We need to get together before you go. We want to come to Tacoma and go up to IKEA one of these days.

--it seems like you just got here.